Special Session

Workshop: Innovation in Higher Education

Date/Time : July 2, 2021 (Fri) 13:00 – 17:00

Location : Yonsei University Library 3rd Floor, Y-FLOW / Live-streamed on Youtube


There are increasingly more and more higher education institutions that actively utilize advanced educational technology. The workshop will share the story of innovation-leading global universities and the HTHT University Consortium members and discuss directions and methods for realizing innovation in Korean higher education.

Online and Offline (50 participants on-site, live-streamed)
Program (4 Hours in Total)

• 13:00-14:00 Round Table: the future of Korean higher education in an era of rapid change

• 14:00-15:00 Achieving Higher Education Innovation through HTHT

• 15:00-16:00 Johns Hopkins University-NIH Online/Offline Flex Program Case Study: Biomedical Technology Transfer and Commercialization Class

• 16:00-17:00 The future of Korean higher education : Online University and lifelong education


We will share the detailed topics and presentation materials in advance. In compliance with the social distancing policy, we will limit the number of participants on-site to 50 and prioritize the HTHT University Consortium members. Please understand that we might adjust the number of participants from each university if the total number of registration exceeds 50.