Special Session

Teachers’ Roundtable

Date/Time : June 30th, 18:00 – 20:30 (KST)

Location : Riiid Conference Room


AI is emerging as a powerful technology that has the potential to improve education at scale. This session invites teachers from around the world to talk about the role of AI in education. As the closest witnesses and mediators of this transformation of education, teachers from 5 different countries, including Korea, US and Spain, share their expectations and concerns about AIEd.


Part 1: Global Teachers’ Roundtable
  • Craig Smith

    Journalist and host of the podcast Eye on AI

  • Sergey Barinov

    Teacher at Horoshkola, Russia

  • Elisa Kolya

    Teacher at Escola Bilíngue Pueri Domus, Brazil

  • Jennifer Turner

    Teacher at Gloucester County Christian School, US

  • Jeongwon Moon

    Teacher at Seoul National University Boys' Middle School, Korea

  • Javier Martin

    Teacher at IES nº1, Spain

  • Jun Shen

    Teacher at Laguna Beach High School, US

Part 2: Korean Teachers’ Roundtable
  • Cho Hoon

    President of the Academic Revolution Forum at Education Commission Asia, Professor at Seojeong University

  • Eun Kyoung Jang

    Master teacher at
    Garak High school and education consultant