Teachers Meet Tech

Closer communication and interaction between teachers and students, and students to students can foster social and emotional abilities in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution
It means customized education technology using artificial intelligence. This provides diagnostic technology that confirms the knowledge that the student has and educational content appropriate for the diagnosis.

Due to pandemic, the educational system that hadn't changed so much has changed rapidly, focusing on non-face-to-face online education. EdTech is hitting educational sites around the world like a tidal wave. However, despite the application of various and impressive EdTech classes, the unprecedented educational gap continues. What is the problem? The right use of technology is the key for the problem. Furthermore, redefining the role of teachers to use technology to reach the essence of education will be another fundamental key to opening the classroom revolution.


HTHT 2022 Teacher Summit "The Teacher-Changing World" offers an opportunity for a wide range of stakeholders, including (1) teachers, educators, education officials, (2) researchers and academics, (3) government agencies and policymakers, (4) Edtech entrepreneurs, innovators, and (5) investors to discuss meaningful achievements and limitations accumulated in new technology-fitted education. In particular, we invite teachers to the center of all discussions to consider the nature of education together, discuss various attempts and achievements in classes, and find the direction of future education together. The life in which humans can become the most human will be possible through education that finds their natural role and develops their ability to do it. This is what our future education is headed for. It should be a sign. HTHT 2022 Teacher Summit has the following direction.

  1. 1
    Providing a new forum for ideas exchange
    Establish a place for consensus by promoting communication among various stakeholders
    Unlike the existing exhibition-oriented event, prepare the event centered on experience and participation
  2. 2
    Global discussion
    Gain insight from different perspectives and contexts through discussions
    Get opportunities for innovation and growth of enterprises through connection with education experts and investors
  3. 3
    The voice of stakeholders
    Share and discuss good practices in the field of all units, including classrooms, schools and institutions
    Conduct business information briefing and secure professional feedback for future customers such as teachers, schools, and universities
  4. 4
    Operate a teacher-centered summit where the teacher's voice is the center of all discussions
    Gain opportunities to participate in the educational policy decision-making process by giving opinions on-site for educational development


A 'first' teacher-centered conference
in which the teacher's voice is central to all discussions

Welcome Message

Chairman of the Asian Education Association
Lee Ju-ho (Lee Ju-ho)

Hi, everyone. Welcome to HTHT (High Touch High Tech) 2022.

All children enjoy learning as if they were playing games with colleagues while being helped by an AI tutor in a metaverse space. Every teacher becomes a customized learning environment designer that provides a learning environment just for each learner. All learners have a solid knowledge base to understand the core concepts of vast knowledge, build knowledge such as data, cutting-edge technology, and humanities, and receive education to bloom future capabilities such as creativity, critical thinking, cooperation, and communication.

It can sound like a dream. However, this transformation of education is possible if you can combine high-touch teachers with high-tech high-tech technologies. How well high-touch high-tech education takes root in our educational field depends on how quickly teachers take on new roles and functions. All teachers should be provided with a new teacher image and abundant retraining and training. Schools should actively cooperate with edutech companies and the Ministry of Education should actively foster the edutech industry.

HTHT 2022 will hold a teacher summit under the theme of "The World Teachers Change." Edutech experts and policymakers, as well as many teachers and researchers who have led new attempts to incorporate high-tech into the educational field, will discuss the meaningful achievements and limitations accumulated so far. Through this event, which is a teacher-centered conference where teachers' voices are the center of all discussions, we hope that teachers, edutech companies, universities, companies interested in ESG, and new superintendents can find the direction of future education together.

HTHT 2022 will be jointly organized by the Asian Education Association, TV Chosun, and Smart Education Association for three days from September 3rd to 5th. Various stakeholders of the HTHT ecosystem, including domestic and foreign teachers (professors), EduTech companies, students, parents, policy managers, and global experts, will gather together to discuss high-touch high-tech education and share experiences and new ideas. We will create a place for communication and learning so that everyone who dreams of changing education around the world can understand and cooperate with each other more deeply. We ask for your interest and participation in the HTHT 2022 Teacher Summit.

August 1st, 2022

Chairman of the Asian Education Association
Lee Ju-ho (Lee Ju-ho)