Purpose of HTHT 2021

Against this backdrop, the HTHT 2021 Conference (HTHT 2021) serves as a convening grounds for the diverse actors of the ecosystem to collaboratively deliberate on how to leverage AIEd in narrowing the achievement gap further exacerbated by the pandemic. In particular, through the active participation of edtech companies and education institutions, the conference presents a unique opportunity to better understand the enabling conditions necessary to effectively align the supply and demand sides of the HTHT equation. Recognizing that a robust policy and regulatory environment, as well as strong advocacy by civil society, are essential in ensuring this alignment, the conference also incorporates the perspectives of policymakers, NGOs, and other relevant specialists. To this end, HTHT 2021 specifically aims to:

• Create a forum for dialogue and exchange, highlighting the lessons learned from experiences with AIEd and HTHT educational innovation, both domestically and globally

• Enhance communication between education institutions and edtech companies so that the needs of the former are more appropriately reflected in the products, services, and agenda of the latter

• Foster partnerships across various facets, levels, and dimensions of the ecosystem: education and edtech; public and private; local and global

• Forge consensus in both the conceptualization and implementation of innovative HTHT approaches among the diverse actors of the HTHT ecosystem.