Kim Seong Hee

Ph.D. at Incheon Metropolitan City Office of Education

Dr. Kim Sung-Hee of the Incheon Institute of Education and Policy has served as a Korean language teacher at the Incheon Metropolitan Office of Education for 30 years and has been working as a travel writer and researcher after retirement. While working at the “Outside of the classroom community” and online teacher community to enhance teacher expertise. She studied and communicated with elementary, middle, high, and special education teachers across the country and led various training programs. As a Korean language teacher, she was interested in media language education and received related master and doctorate degrees from Dongguk University. She also published research papers and books on media language and speech methods. In addition, at Dongguk University, she taught courses such as language education and teaching practice, and worked as a research teacher at the Incheon Metropolitan Office of Education’s Education Policy Research Institute and conducted policy research on various topics.