Jang Sang Hyun

KERIS General Manager

Dr. Jang Sang-hyun is currently serving as the head of the university's academic headquarters at the Korea Education and Research Information Service under the Ministry of Education. Since 1997, Dr. Jang has contributed greatly in the development and revitalization of the domestic edutech field through the development and operation of the national educational academic informatization policy and system and is the Korean-representative member of the Global Education Leaders Program. During the dispatch of the President’s National Intelligence Strategy Committee, he contributed in the establishment of a “road to talent power, smart education promotion strategy” plan, and published various research papers and journal articles as he had a particular interest in personalized teaching and learning services by applying learning analytics and artificial intelligence to education. He is charge of the remote education support project of domestic universities promoted by the Ministry of Education after the COVID 19 pandemic. Recently, he participated as the co-author in the publication of “Future Talent, the Future of University”, presenting a new AI convergence talent image in the AI era, and suggesting ways to use AI in university education. In addition, he is charge of lectures on AI convergence education at Kyungpook University’s Graduate School of AI Convergence Education and serves as the Vice President of the Korean University IR Council and he Korea Education Information Media Association.