Kwak Dowon

Professor at Korea University

Professor Kwak Do-Won received his Doctorate degree from Michigan State University studying the usage of panel data to analyze human relations and the analysis of effects in implementing new policies in the field of education in 2011. Later, Professor Kwak worked in Queensland Department of Economics from 2011 to 2017 and is working at Korea University Division of International studies as an adjunct professor since then. His main research field is analyzation of human relations in the various fields of economics and he has recently analyzed the effects of policy and strategy in the performance in the field of education, health, and corporate management. His main research was included in  Labour Economics, Empirical Economics, Journal of Econometric Methods, Journal of Development Economics, and Journal of Marketing Research. Recently, Professor Kwak published a book on the effects of digital transformation, based on digital technology, in the labor market and corporate performance and is lecturing Economics Statistics in universities around the world, including The United States and Australia.