Park Sun Mi

Director of Gwangyang Daycare Center

Park Sun-mi is currently serving as the head of the Gwangyang Daycare Center of the Korea Workers' Compensation and Welfare Service. As Vice-Chairman of the Jeonnam Daycare Center Association and chairman of the Jeonnam Federation of Corporations and Organizations, she is striving to develop infant care programs and childcare policies, and won the 2021 Presidential Award for Child Care Merit in recognition. In addition, in the management evaluation of daycare centers of the Korea Workers' Compensation and Welfare Service, the government is the first in the country for five consecutive years to implement customized childcare programs for customer satisfaction, and to meet parents' needs for children of workers. Participating in various childcare program contests, Park is striving to use them in the childcare field by introducing creative and smart childcare programs tailored to the era of information service and industrialization with good results. In addition, various activities linked to the local community and agreements between universities and industries contribute to job creation using local talent, and is striving for early childhood education by participating in lectures on training at local universities and principals and meetings to revise infant care laws.