Chun Se Young

Honorary Professor at Chungnam National University / Director at JMR Robotics Education

Chun Se-Young, an honorary professor at Chungnam National University, is currently serving as the JMR Robotics Education Director. Professor Chun Se-Young studied his undergraduate master’s degree in the Department of Education at Seoul National University, worked as a professor of education at Chungnam National University until August 2021 after passing through the Korea Education Development Institute of UNESCO. In 2013, he founded the Smart Education Association and served as the president of the Korean Society of Education. Finance, and Economics, serving in various private social organizations other than executives of many academic organizations and representatives of the Globalization Education and Culture Foundation. As an exchange scholar at the University of Pittsburgh, George Mason, and the University of Hroningen in the Netherlands, he also participated in active international advisor activities for educational development cooperation in many developing countries including Nicaragua and Myanmar. While serving as the Education Secretary of the Presidential Office of the Republic of Korea and the Director of Education and Academic Information, he was deeply involved in the formation and implementation of national education policies. He published more than 30 solo/co-authored books and more than 160 domestic and foreign academic papers, and produced about 40 Ph.D. students.