Kang Moon Sang

Professor at Induk University

Professor Kang Moon-sang is currently working at the Mechatronics Department at Induk University. He also served in major positions at the university, including the Head of Faculty, industry-academic cooperation, specialized projects and education innovation. Professor Kang also served as the director of the Korean Council for University Education council’s Higher Vocational Education Research Center. As an expert in vocational education, Professor Kang has been teaching students for 30 years. He also published more than 100 research results in domestic/international academic journals in the semiconductor field and is also working on multiple vocational education policy studies. For his industry-academic research, Professor Kang received the IR52 Jang Yeong Sil Award in the year 2000. Professor Kang also received the Minister of Education award for his teaching and learning achievement and Service Merit Medal for his contribution for vocational education.Currently, Professor Kang is interested in artificial intelligence, AR/VR, and using metaverse based virtual reality in vocational education. He also received a Ph.D in semiconductors from Sogang University.