Cho Young Hwan

Professor in the Department of Education at Seoul National University

Cho Young Hwan is currently a professor in the Department of Education at Seoul National University. Cho received his doctorate degree in Information Science and Learning Engineering in 2011 and also was a senior researcher in  educational engineering and learning science at National Institute of Education (NIE) of Nanyang Polytechnic University. Cho has been teaching educational engineering courses at Seoul National University since 2013 and operated a Technology-Enhanced Learning Design (TELD) research center while publishing several papers on learner-centered education, online education, AI-based education, and learning analysis. Based on these experiences, Cho has published multiple books such as, “Educational Engineering Class”, "Problem Solving and Learning Design: Reflecting on Professor David H. Jonassen’s Research”, “Future Education, Designed by Educators” and “Authentic Problem Solving and Learning in the 21st Century”.