Lee Hyeok Kyu

Supervisor of Career Education, Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education

Lee Hyeok-Kyu is currently in charge of career education at elementary, middle, and high schools in the Career Policy Division of the Gyeonggi Provincial of Education and is also serving as an education professional. While serving as the vice president of external cooperation and policy at the Gyeonggi Career Counseling Teachers’ Council, he established the first ordinance of 31 local governments in Gyeonggi Province to support the foundation of career education. In particular, since 2014, he has worked to finance the Career Education Act, and has been a policy member of the Career Education Research Association and Education Policy Design Research Institute of the Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education. Plus, he has also conducted research, lectures, and writings on sociology-oriented career education. While serving as a teacher in 1999, he combined online technology development with education to overcome the spatio-temporal constraints of offline education and to launch an online education platform for individualized education. In addition, since the development of mobile technology in 2011, he has participated in research on producing and distributing e-books and personal learning platforms that can be used through personal smart devices, and has produced and donated autobiographies of former Kim Dae-Jung president as e-books. After obtaining a coaching and counseling doctorate from Canada Christian College, he is now currently focused in teaching.