Kim Jin Sook

Executive manager of KERIS

Kim Jin Sook is currently the senior researcher for the Korea Education and Research Information Service and the Chairman for the Smart Education Society. For the past 33 years in an organization supported by the Ministry of Education, Kim has done research and development to support the Education information system  for South Korea. Recently, through research and consultation on the 4th Industrial Revolution, digital transformation, and future education in the post-corona era, Kim is focusing on developing strategies to foster talented people in response to future social changes. She contributed to the spread of future education through the publication of future education reports and future education advice from ministries, educational institutions, municipal offices, and local governments, including the Ministry of Education. Kim received her masters and doctorate degree in educational technology from Ewha Womans University. Kim also served as a member of the National Education Commission's education policy expert and Vice Chairman of the Digital Education Special Committee and is currently a member of the Ministry of Education’s policy research review committee.