Kim Hwang

Head of Future Education Strategy Office for Chunjae Education

Kim Hwang currently serves at the head of future education strategy office for Chunjae Education. While working as an elementary educator for 22 years, Kim has worked in 7 schools and was dispatched to Gwangju Educational Information center while researching and working in fields related to School’s education informatization. Besides producing elementary school textbooks, Kim has worked on 5 books related to education informatization and developed a digital textbook class model, a collection of smart education class examples, textbook for SW education for teachers, and participated in the development of operational guidelines for Makerspace. As the Corona Pandemic worsened, Kim also participated in the development of On the Live, online class solutions and contributed in finding solutions to school problems through public LMS. Kim also contibuted in starting two non-face to face  EduTech Startups that connects physical computng with science, SW education, and data science education. After moving to a private firm, Kim was the head of the Future Education Strategy office for Chunjae Education and researched various ways to improve school classes through digital transformation.