Lee Hye Jung

Director General, Institue for Education and Innovation

Dr. Lee Hye-Jung amounted her expertise in education as the Director of e-Learning and a research professor of Center or Teaching and Learning at Seoul National University (SNU), and a specially appointed associate professor at Hokkaido University in Japan. After finishing her Ph.D. in Educational Technology at SNU, Lee visited 25 top research universities as a SNU delegation representative and interviewed senior-level administrators who are in charge of the quality of university education and technology-enhanced learning. After conducting collaborative research on learning differences between the East and the West at the University of Michigan, Lee found the Institute for Education and Innovation (IEI) in Korea. Recently, as the Director of IEI, Lee has directed several research projects on reforming education with assessment for critical and creative competency upon request of Seoul, Jeju, Daegu, Chungnam Provincial Office of Education repectively. Lee is more widely known as the author of, "Who gets an A+ at Seoul National University?" and "Exams in Korea", both of which recieved prominent media spotlight. Other various papers, columns, keynotes, and invited speeches of Lee on the quality of education system are disseminated globally.