Song Eun Ju

Teacher at Heavenly Dream School

Educator Song Eun-Ju has been the Mathematics instructor for Heavenly Dream School (Korea's first alternative school for North Korean defectors approved by the Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education) since 2017. As a member of the research department, Song participated in planning and operating of the research school and research projects of the Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education (development of math education textbooks and guidance books). Song also developed North Korean defectors' education, produced pamphlets and planned and operated the Program for Unification Education. Since 2020, Song has been in charge of the operation of education using artifical intelligence (AI) at Heavenly Dream Middle and High School and participated in the 'Case Study on Artificial Intelligence Education' as well as researching and reporting cases of applying AI to mathematical education. Currently, Song is continuing her research in using AI for mathematics classes.