Lee Su Cheol

Teacher at Shinil Girls\' High School

Lee Su-Cheol is a teacher at Shinil Girls' High School. Currently, Lee is the vice chairman of the Smart Education Society and the director of The Socity of e-Learning. Lee also runs South Korea's largest Facebook Forum "Future Education With Teachers", consisting of 10,207 members. Lee was previously the secretary general of the Smart Education Society, working with educators to promote smart education as well as working as the smart education leading educator at the Ministry of Education and leading educator of digital education. Lee has also gone through the Ministry of Educations high tech educational advisory and the Korea Education and Research Infomation Service. He has given a speech during the UN Gyeongju Sustainable Development Conference and used his experience to publish several papers on teaching and learning methods using smart education. Through EDUCLOUD, Lee published English, Japanese, and Korean education columns and has spent ten years exhanging with students through international exchange activities on how humans should live their lives in Japan, China, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Thailand while publishing a book called 'Great Thinking'. Furthermore, Lee also worked in the Foreign Studies in Tokyo, Japan as a researcher in educators, worked as an adjunct professor at Pai Chai University as well as recieving a doctoral degree in comparative literature at Hannam University.