Kim Jae Hyun

Vice Principal at Central Christian Academy

A Technology and Home Economics teacher who majored in architecture, Kim Jae-Hyun taught students lively classes through a way of living and worked as a Google Publuc Trainer. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Kim was seen as a pioneer in supplying Google Work Space, digital devices, and online classes which are important in developing the necessary infrastructure needed for future schools. Kim was also in charge of consciousness improvement education for principals and vice-principal groups in 17 provincial eduucation offices and was an educator for many educational offices and institutions nation-wide. Transcending the boundaries of South Korea, Kim focused on international development cooperation (ODA) and worked as an expert in ICT capacity building in East Africa and developed educational curricula as well as textbooks while training in Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania. Currently, Kim is paving a new way for change as the Vice Principal at Central Christian Academy as an innovative school manager.