Iulian Serban

CEO of Korbit

Iulian Serban is the co-founder of Korbit Technologies (www.korbit.ai), an EdTech startup aiming to democratize education through intelligent tutors powered by artificial intelligence. The startup's vision is to provide a personalized, active learning experience to millions by developing a personalized AI tutor for everyone, which will help professionals and students alike to learn faster and better in a cost-effective way. The startup has already helped teach tens of thousands and is actively partnering with enterprises and universities to reach more students. The startup has raised over $4,000,000 USD to date and is the recipient of multiple international awards.

Iulian completed his Ph.D. in machine learning, natural language processing and personal assistants under Yoshua Bengio and Aaron Courville at the Mila research lab, University of Montreal. He completed his Master's degree at University College London and his Bachelor's degree at the University of Copenhagen majoring in theoretical mathematics and statistics. He has been a teacher and spent a year serving as full-time volunteer and board member for the non-profit education organization Operation A Day's Work.