Sarah DeMark

Vice President of Program Development & General Education Innovation at Western Governors University

Sarah DeMark serves as Vice President of Academic Programs at Western Governors University, where she has worked since September 2014. She helps keep WGU at the forefront of competency-based education by directing the university’s academic portfolio strategy as well as program design and development, with a portfolio of more than 60 degrees, 600 courses, and 1,000 assessments. 

Prior to WGU, DeMark spent more than 15 years at leading IT companies, serving in various leadership roles where she oversaw the strategy and execution of the design, development, and deployment of innovative, large-scale curriculum and assessment portfolios. Previously, she was an independent consultant working with state and local school districts, as well as working with The College Board on SAT and AP program evaluation. DeMark also served on ANSI’s Personnel Certification Accreditation Committee, which serves to validate whether certification programs adhere to standards. DeMark is the current interim Executive Director of the Open Skills Network.