John VandenBrooks

Associate Professor of Physiology at Midwestern University

John VandenBrooks is an Associate Professor of Physiology in the College of Graduate Studies and the Associate Director of Veterinary Physiology in the College of Veterinary Medicine at Midwestern University. He earned his BS in inorganic chemistry at the University of Michigan, his PhD in geology and geophysics at Yale University, and was a postdoc in physiology at Arizona State University. He is well-known for his paleophysiological research on how variation in atmospheric oxygen levels affected the physiology and evolution of animals over geologic time including the evolution of insect gigantism, but he has also worked on why animals die when they overheat, the epidemiology of tick-borne diseases, cyborg beetles, the development of storage systems for alternative fuels, and more.  His research has been covered by a variety of media programs including on the National Geographic Channel, the History Channel, the BBC, and the Science Channel.  In his role as an educator, he was awarded the Association of American Veterinary Colleges Distinguished Veterinary Teacher Award.  VandenBrooks has developed adaptive online courses and consulted on the curriculum planning for the Arizona State University online Bachelor of Science degree. Recently, he has been working on a collaboration between ASU and Dreamscape Immersive to develop an innovative, cutting edge VR-enhanced biology curriculum that aligns with national standards.