Aysegul Askan

Assistant Director of AI Solutions at Southern New Hampshire University Labs

Aysegul Askan is the Assistant Director of AI Solutions at SNHU Labs. She primarily works on designing, developing and, testing prototypes involving machine learning and artificial intelligence to help the university understand the requirements needed for the future learning environment. She brings in technical and applied expertise in AI/ML working with both internal and external stakeholders. Her work in the projects involves all steps of an AI/ML project cycle such as conceptualizing the possible solutions, data gathering and processing, model building and evaluation of the solution.

She joined SNHU in August 2019 after working in AI/ML domain for 8 years in the industry ranging from banking and telecommunication to cybersecurity. Her experience is in designing, developing, and deploying AI/ML enabled software solutions to apply the state-of-the-art research in production ready systems.

She holds a BSc. degree in Mathematical Engineering from Istanbul Technical University, a MSc. degree in Industrial Engineering from Koc University, and a MSc. degree in Computer Science, Machine Learning from Georgia Institute of Technology.