Ilan Ben Yaakov

Vice President of Learning Experiences at MindCET EdTech Innovation Center

VP of Learning Experiences of MindCET Innovation Center, Dr. Yaakov is an explorer of new technologies for learning. He leads the Teacher Entrepreneur Accelerator (specially designed for educators to go through a entrepreneurial product development process and develop a learning solution they can apply to their daily practices) as well as of the Teachers Early Adopters of MindCET (a network of thousands of teachers that are exposed to new technologies and guided to pilot them). Dr. Yaakov is a leading lecturer and speaker in Israel on latest technological trends for education as well as a developer of no-code solutions. PhD in Jewish Thought on the attitude of Jewish Law (Halacha) to technology and electricity, Ben Gurion Univ. He has developed syllabus and trained teachers at the Ben-Gurion Heritage Institute.