David Yi

CEO of Riiid US

David Yi is CEO of Riiid Labs, the global arm of Riiid, based in Silicon Valley. He is an education entrepreneur and global business development expert with deep rooted experience in the entire spectrum of the education business.

In the past, David served as the Head of Asia for ACT.org. and also sit on the board of the World Mathematical Olympiad (WMO) and Lyceum Education. David served in the Peace Corps as an education volunteer in Sichuan, China, where he taught at Chengdu University of Information Technology. He also founded an global non-profit, oneAsia, which promoted cultural and student exchange between the Asian nations. For the past 18 years David has been continuously teaching and working for international business development.

David received Juris Doctor from The University of Chicago Law School and B.A. in Political Science from Middlebury College.