Fengchun Miao

Chief of the Unit for Technology and AI in Education at UNESCO

Professor Fengchun Miao is the Chief of the Unit for Technology and Artificial Intelligence in Education at UNESCO, Education Sector, Headquarters in Paris. He is leading programmes of the Education Sector of UNESCO in the areas of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and education, ICT in education policy development, digital skills development for teachers and students, Open Educational Resources (OER), mobile learning, and future e-schools. He is also in charge of UNESCO Prize for the Use of ICTs in Education. Highlights of his achievements include leading the organization of two international conferences on AI and education (2019, 2020) as well as the development and adoption of the Beijing Consensus – the first international consensus on AI and Education; the launch and continuous organization of Mobile Learning Week for 9 years and promoting it to be the annual flagship event of UN on the use of technology in education; the development and adoption of Qingdao Declaration on leveraging ICT to achieve SDG 4. Co-led the development of the instruments of UNESCO in the field including Recommendation on Open Educational Resources and UNESCO ICT Competency Framework for Teachers. Directly led the training and technical advices to more than 70 countries on the planning of the National ICT in Education Policies and Master Plans. Led more than 20 major projects. Published as chief editors more than 10 important reports or publications including Artificial Intelligence and Education: Guidance for Policy-Makers, Ensuring Effective Distance Learning during COVID-19 Disruptions: Guidance for Teachers, Artificial Intelligence for Inclusion: Compendium of Mobile Learning Week 2020, Artificial Intelligence for Sustainable Development: Compendium of Mobile Learning Week 2019, Guidelines on the development of open educational resources policies, A Lifeline to Learning: Leveraging Technology to Support Education for Refugees, Supporting Teachers with Mobile Technology: Lessons Drawn from UNESCO Projects in Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan and Senegal, Open Educational Resources: Policy, Costs and Transformation, International Conference on AI and Education, Planning Education in the AI Era: Lead the leap: final report,and 14 reports on Best Practices in Mobile Learning.  

Before joining UNESCO, Dr. Miao was the Director-General of the National Research Centre for Computer Education, Ministry of Education, China. In that capacity, he was responsible for the development of national ICT in education policies and ICT curriculum standards for students, and managing the National Association for the Use of ICT in K-12 Schools of China.