Carmen Strigel

Director of Technology for Education and Training at RTI International

Carmen Strigel’s work in RTI’s International Development Group focuses on the intersection of neuroscience, technology, and learning. She designs, implements, and researches technology that enhances learning, builds capacity, and facilitates information-based decision-making. Dr. Strigel’s passion lies in teacher development and the pedagogic integration of technology with a focus on supporting learning for children with diverse needs. Illustratively, she led groundbreaking research in Ethiopia implementing a technology-supported intervention to measurably improve teachers’ inclusive instructional practices for children with vision or hearing difficulties in regular classrooms.

Dr. Strigel designed TangerineTM, open source software that facilitates electronic data collection, continuous student assessment, and program monitoring. To date, Tangerine has been deployed in over 60 countries and 100 languages. She also spearheads RTI’s work in game-based assessment of employability skills and contributes to RTI’s research on sensors and assessments.