Namgi Park

Professor at Gwangju National University of Education, Former President of Gwangju National University of Education

Dr. Namgi Park is a professor and former president of Gwangju National University of Education from 2008 to 2012. He has spent thirty years on research on comparative and international education, educational administration and reform, teacher education and policy, and teaching methods. He authored more than twenty books in Korea and America. His latest hits include Betrayal of Meritocracy and Art of Best Teaching. He also chaired three main academic societies in Korea (Korean Educational Administration Society, Korea Education Law Society, Korea Teacher Education Society). He conducted to date more than 500 lectures on the art of best teaching, future of Korean Education, Leadership. Lately, he also wrote and gave talks about how to prepare for post pandemic Education. He is developing new education paradigm – Smarlogue(smart + analogue) Education - for it. He was educated at Seoul National University (BA and MA) and at the University of Pittsburgh (Ph.D.).