Woochong Um

Managing Director-General of the Asian Development Bank

Woochong Um is appointed Managing Director General, Office of the President (OPR) effective 22 February 2021. Mr. Um is a national of Republic of Korea who holds an MBA in Finance from New York University, and a Bachelor’s degree in computer science from Boston College, United States. Mr. Um has been with ADB for more than 27 years in both operations and non-operations areas, including 11 years in SDCC at the senior staff level. As DG concurrently Chief Compliance Officer, SDCC, since June 2018, he has been leading ADB-wide knowledge management and innovation in various sector and thematic operation areas. He is responsible developing sector and thematic policies, strategies, frameworks, and operational plans, encouraging vibrant sector and thematic communities of practice, and developing new business ideas. Since April 2020, he has been working at the institutional focal point for COVID19 response for ADB. Previously, he was The Secretary for four years. He effectively led OSEC by providing excellent and high-quality support for ADB's governance, while managing ADB's interface with the Board of Directors. Prior to ADB, he worked for Pfizer, Inc and Pitney Bowes in the USA..