Daniel Zhang

Executive Director and Social Responsibility Principal of Broad Group

Daniel Zhang (Zhang Xianming) is an urban architect emphasizing cross-disciplinary design thinking and artistic innovation. He is committed to a high degree of ethical and social responsibility. Daniel created the P8 sustainable community, focusing on the exploration of future urban life and vertical community. This included research and development of possibilities for humanity in the form of shared and cooperative ventures. After graduating from CMU in the United States, Daniel went on to study at TERI University in New Delhi, India, following his mentor, a Nobel Peace Prize winner. Eight months later, he joined Institut Futur, a college of the Free University of Berlin, to explore the numerous possible futures for sustainable cities. Daniel is keen on the work of environmental protection organizations and actively participates in international activities such as The Boao Forum and the Paris Climate Conference.Daniel participated in the WEF round table on green technology innovation. He presented the achievement on green building technology on behalf of BROAD group, along with the group strategic planning on supporting China to achieve carbon peak in 2030 and carbon neutral in 2060. Meanwhile, Daniel had also participated in the energy optimization conference hosted by IEA, explained the action that BROAD group is taking on energy optimization and achievements that had been accomplished by BROAD group on behalf of Chinese entrepreneurs. Introduced the product of BROAD group and the value of energy optimization in terms of protecting earth. Daniel is also the representative of global principle members of B-team.