Roy Zur

CEO and Founder of Cybint

Roy Zur is the founder and CEO of Cybint, a cyber education company with roots in the United States, Israel and Singapore. Roy has more than 15 years of experience in training cybersecurity and intelligence skills to learners. 

Cybint has an unwavering commitment to reskill the workforce and upskill the industry in cybersecurity. The company is tackling two of the biggest problems in cybersecurity: the talent shortage and the skills gap. 

With over 4 million unfilled positions in cybersecurity, Cybint has been partnering with Higher Education and training facilities to train people for careers in cyber – creating the world’s largest Cyber Education Network. 

In addition to Cybint’s higher education involvement, Roy Zur has conducted training sessions for top organizations like JP Morgan Chase, United States Department of Justice, FINRA, and Bank of America. 

Cybint was awarded for Best Adult Learning Solutions at EdVentures GBA and placed in the top 10 for overall Education Solutions at the ASU + GSV Summit in 2020.