A journey from High Tech only to High Touch High Tech
  • Richard Wilson

    Co-Founder & Chief Visionary of Maths Pathway

    Richard is the Co-Founder and Chief Visionary at Maths Pathway. He comes from a background in consulting practice and then teaching, and is driven to achieve genuine change in our education system through changing the way mathematics is taught and learnt.
  • Emily Brookes

    Secondary Deputy Principal and Director of Teaching & Learning at Torrens Valley Christian School

    Emily is the Secondary Deputy Principal and Director of Teaching & Learning at Torrens Valley Christian School in Adelaide, South Australia. She has been teaching Maths and Science for twenty-three years. Emily’s passion is particularly in Professional Learning and Classroom Practice.
  • Ronél Scheepers

    Head of the Mathematics Department at St Teresa's Catholic College

    Ronél Scheepers is the head of the Mathematics Department at St Teresa’s Catholic College in Noosaville, Queensland. With a passion for research, she ensured the College’s involvement in various Mathematics education research projects. She implemented the Maths Pathway Program at the College for the past four years.
    Before this position, she taught Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry at the secondary level in South Africa for 17 years.
  • Eun Kyoung Jang

    Master teacher at Garak High school and education consultant

    Eun Kyoung Jang is a Master teacher working as a teacher educator and consultant in South Korea. She has taught middle and high school students since 1992 and taught college students at at Sungkyunkwan University & Hanyang University for 3 years. she is currently teaching students at Garak High school, Seoul. She was certified as a Master Trainer in the field of Core Skill based Curriculum Design and teacher training by the British Council. She is a member of Special Committee on Digital Education, an institution directly under the presidential office this year, and she also works as a specialist of revision of national curriculum. Her teaching and research focus is teacher professional development, blended learning lesson design, educative assessment, and differentiation and effective feedback using A.I..
  • Yong Sang Cho

    CEO of i-Scream edu

    Dr. Yong-Sang CHO is a chief architect of intelligence information technology Lab as well as Chief Executive Officer of i-Scream Edu. He is in charge of convenors at Ed Tech and digital publishing committees of International Organization for Standardization (ISO) over fifteen years. In addition, he is an expert member of artificial intelligence committee of the ISO. Recently he joined as a board member at Korea Intelligent Information System Society. Before he joined i-Scream Edu, he was research fellow at Korea Education & Research Information Service (KERIS) (2002-2017) and National Standards Coordinator for Smart Media in Korea (2011-2013). In recognition of its contribution to international standards, he was awarded the IEC 1906 Award and Prime Minister’s citation of Korea. Recently he has researched and multi-modal data network for AI training as well as organize adaptive learning to deliver HTHT among global communities.