The business ecosystem of startups in the field of education (landscape, trends and investments)
  • Maria Spies

    Co-CEO and Co-Founder of HolonIQ

    Prior to HolonIQ, Maria was the head of digital learning futures for a $40m corporate VC fund. She has worked in public and private higher education for over 20 years in Asia and Australia specializing in transforming education through technology. As the global head of Learning & Teaching Services for a global education company, Maria built and led global innovation teams, driving innovation in curriculum, teaching and the student experience in over 50 countries.
  • Avi Warshavsky

    CEO of MindCET EdTech Innovation Center

    Founder and CEO of MindCET EdTech Innovation Centre (established by the non-profit Center for Educational Technology, Israel's leader in technological-based educational solutions) which brings together the educational and startup cultures, by opening spaces where entrepreneurs can develop their ideas, together with a network of educational professionals, schools and researchers. Warshavsky is today a world leader in EdTech, a renowned innovator as well as pioneer of unique global initiatives, with multiple publications and main speaker in all relevant EdTech Forums from around the world. Warshavsky has been a pioneer of innovative approaches for the last 20 years such as digital textbooks, new technology-based educational environments, or Kotar- CET Digital Textbook Platform. MA in Philosophy and Humanities (Talmud, History, Bible) from Tel Aviv University. Worked in instruction, development and management in the field of educational technology for leading organizations in Israel, served as the Director of CET’s Humanities and Social Studies Department. Currently a member of the Board of Directors.
  • Norihisa Wada

    Executive Vice President & COO of EduLab

    Norihisa Wada is the Executive Vice President & COO of Tokyo-based EduLab, Inc., the leading innovator of education with a strong basis in assessment and learning science. Norihisa drives the business innovation and investment in the field of EdTech. He is also a Business-Academia Advisor for Kyoto University, fellow researcher for Tokyo University with a passion for the instructional and behavior design. Before joining EduLab, Inc., he was a Senior Vice President of IE Institute, a company well known for its unprecedented number of best-selling software titles for nintendoDS & Wii setting the global trend of nintedoDS Study. He has attended many international conferences as a presenter representing Japan in “Gamification”, “Mobile Learning”, “Testing and Assessments” and “EdTech”. His curiosity extends to designing, leveraging and maintaining peoples’ quality of life.