[Country Session1] Korea

  • Yong Sang Cho

    CEO of i-Scream edu

    Dr. Yong-Sang CHO is a chief architect of intelligence information technology Lab as well as Chief Executive Officer of i-Scream Edu. He is in charge of convenors at Ed Tech and digital publishing committees of International Organization for Standardization (ISO) over fifteen years. In addition, he is an expert member of artificial intelligence committee of the ISO. Recently he joined as a board member at Korea Intelligent Information System Society. Before he joined i-Scream Edu, he was research fellow at Korea Education & Research Information Service (KERIS) (2002-2017) and National Standards Coordinator for Smart Media in Korea (2011-2013). In recognition of its contribution to international standards, he was awarded the IEC 1906 Award and Prime Minister’s citation of Korea. Recently he has researched and multi-modal data network for AI training as well as organize adaptive learning to deliver HTHT among global communities.
  • Seung cheon Bang

    Chief Business Development Officer of hunet

    Brad Seungcheon Bang is currently a Chief Business Development Officer of hunet. He is in charge of the corporate development, external partnership, and investment function of the company. He incubated a series of new businesses of hunet such as Talent Bank, Happy College, Daily Snack, Grow, and Happy book club for the past four years. Before he joined the company, he was a consultant at the Towers Watson. Before his current position, he was a COO at the Better Ent, Entertainment company. He also worked at Samsung SDS. He was educated at Hongik University (BBA) and Cornell University (MILR). He is currently studying at Sogang University (Ph.D. student).
  • Chang mook Lee

    Learning Scientist Team Leader of Woongjin Thinkbig Corporation

    Chang-mook Lee is a learning scientist and the leader of AI modeling team at the Edutach Labs., Woongjin Thinkbig Corporation, South Korea. He holds a Doctoral degree in Measurement and Statistics and is interested in computer-aided systems, intelligent tutoring systems, AI in education, and related models and theories. He recently developed the AI core of personalized adaptive mastery systems for elementary math operations which can measure and diagnose the learner's status and set proper interactions to reduce tiredness during repeated learning processes.
  • Woo Kun Hur

    Head Of Global Business Development & Strategic Alliances at Visang Education

    Director, Planner & Innovator on education with technology. Currently leading all digital sales from oversea in Visang Education, a company with 20-years of developing, curating educational content for Teachers and students and he is in charge of creating digital alliances in global perspective. He also has involved more extensive roles over multiple projects such as British Council Korea, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt International, and P.D training for teachers in Florida schools in US. He was educated at Han-yang University, Korea for his graduate level and at The York University of Toronto (BA).