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Building a Global EdTech Ecosystem
  • Tal Redler

    Head of the South Branch and Headquarters at MindCET Edtech Innovation Center

    Head of the South Branch and Headquarters of MindCET, Ms. Redler co-leads the Global EdTech Startup Awards, as well as the Experiential Center concept and development and the Accelerated R&D bringing together educators and developers. Ms. Redler has worked in educational community-oriented initiatives, holds a M.A on Education and has expertise in EdTech as well as building professional communities.
  • Paz Eliav

    Head of Accelerator at MindCET Edtech Innovation Center

    Paz Eliav leads MindCET Accelerator and the work with Edtech Entrepreneurs. Paz holds a B.A in Psychology and Economics from the Hebrew University. With vast experience in training and leading teams in the IDF as well as in the high-tech industry. Previously served as Fintech Sector Lead at Startup Nation Central, a leading organization in Israel promoting collaboration between the Israeli startup ecosystem and global multinationals and investors.
    Conducted research in the Center of the Study of Rationality and worked in the labor department in Israel’s Ministry of Finance.
    In her military service reached a position in the head of operations office of the Israeli Air-force, representing the Air-force operations to the major general of operations in the IDF.
  • Fernando Valenzuela

    Managing Partner of the Global Edtech Impact Alliance

    Valenzuela is recognized as one of Latin America's most influential education innovation leaders. Trilingual
  • Rebeca Barbalat

    Director of Products, R&D at Positivo Tecnologia

    Director of R&D and educational products of Positivo Tecnologia, the largest computer manufacturer in Latin America and the 10th in the world. The portfolio includes computers, smartphones, tablets, servers, smart home and office devices, as well as educational technologies for schools in more than 40 countries. Since 2001, Barbalat is part of the history of the division of Education Technology in Positivo Tecnologia. We have worked in the ideation and development of the products (like Alfabeto and e-blocks (learning tables), Educacional (educational portal), Pense Matematica (math thinking skills), and more others. Barbalat started as Project manager, through Marketing Director, Product Director and R&D Director. B.A. In Computer Science at the P.U.C. Parana, and Business Administration at Fundacao Getulio Vargas.
  • Tobias Himmerich

    CEO of EDUvation

    Tobias Himmerich is CEO and Founder of EDUvation that supports startups and young founders in the education sector. Prior to establishing EDUvation, he was CEO and founder of PGW Pecunia. He received Bachelor of Arts in Political Science at Bielefeld University and MBA in Mergers and Acquisition at Westphalian Wihelms University Münster.
  • Sohee Shin

    CEO of Education Commission Asia

    Sohee Shin is currently working as CEO of Education Commission Asia (ECA). She had worked at Hyundai Motor Company for more than 10 years in charge of global marketing before changing her career to education to contribute to enriching human life. She is interested in building a broad understanding of humans, and is particularly interested in incorporating differentiated learning processes of the MZ generation into education. She received a master's degree in Higher Education and Student Development from Wheaton College in the United States. At ECA, she worked as PM for the Uruguay HTHT Project and led the HTHT 2021 Conference.
  • Roy Zur

    CEO and Founder of Cybint

    Roy Zur is the founder and CEO of Cybint, a cyber education company with roots in the United States, Israel and Singapore. Roy has more than 15 years of experience in training cybersecurity and intelligence skills to learners.
    Cybint has an unwavering commitment to reskill the workforce and upskill the industry in cybersecurity. The company is tackling two of the biggest problems in cybersecurity: the talent shortage and the skills gap.
    With over 4 million unfilled positions in cybersecurity, Cybint has been partnering with Higher Education and training facilities to train people for careers in cyber – creating the world’s largest Cyber Education Network.
    In addition to Cybint’s higher education involvement, Roy Zur has conducted training sessions for top organizations like JP Morgan Chase, United States Department of Justice, FINRA, and Bank of America.
    Cybint was awarded for Best Adult Learning Solutions at EdVentures GBA and placed in the top 10 for overall Education Solutions at the ASU + GSV Summit in 2020.
  • Edison Duran

    CEO and Founder of PleIQ

    Edison Duran is an AR & Ed-Tech entrepreneur. He is CEO and founder of PleIQ, a smart toy. Durán studied physics and urban planning, specialized as an astrophysicist, but in 2013 he decided to turn his career to become a technology entrepreneur in Augmented Reality and developed a smart toy to foster the multiple intelligences. PleIQ consists of a set of eight cubes with numbers and letters and a digital element mobile application compatible with smartphones and tablets. With augmented reality, each image of the cube becomes an interactive 3D figure.
  • Joab Rosenberg

    CEO and Founder of Ment.io

    Mr. Rosenberg had studied Physics and Mathematics for his BA and then Philosophy of Science. He was teaching in two Israeli Universities courses on analytical methods, and was head of the Elite "Talpiot Project" in the Hebrew University. He read for his PhD
    in Philosophy, at the History and Philosophy of Science Department in the University of Cambridge, UK.
    In 2015 Joab founded Ment.io, a company focused on deep discussions and unprecedented levels of AI-based assessment of students. Ment.io applies proprietary algorithms to structured analytical discussions, thus promoting students' critical engagement and professors' abilities to follow students' learning and understanding. Ment.io is the first Israeli start-up to raise money from Slack and from Mithril, Peter Thiel's growth fund, Ment.io had won the 2021 GESAward (Global EdTech startups award) and is being used by tens of thousands of students all around the world, and in leading institutions such as HBS, Wharton, and Frankfurt school.
  • Oren Jackman

    CEO and Co-founder of examPAL

    Oren Jackman, CEO & Co-founder of examPAL, is a seasoned EdTech entrepreneur with 25 years of experience in managing R&D teams of writers, software developers, and product designers.