[Country Session4] Brazil

  • Denis Mizne

    CEO of the Lemann Foundation

    Denis Mizne heads the private foundation established by global entrepreneur Jorge Paulo Lemann to increase the quality of public education in Brazil. He is also chairman of the board of Instituto Sou da Paz and serves on other boards in the areas of education, human rights and public safety.
    Before joining the Foundation, Denis was founder and Executive Director of Instituto Sou da Paz, a leading Brazilian NGOs focused on violence prevention. He has contributed to the approval of the "Disarmament Statute," one of the most modern pieces of legislation to control the use of guns. After being enacted, the law helped reduce homicides for the first time in decades in the country - thousands of lives have been saved.
  • Lucas Machado Rocha

    Head of Innovation at the Lemann Foundation

    Lucas Rocha leads innovation at the Lemann Foundation. His team is responsible for research and experimentation of new technologies and methodologies that can contribute to a more hands-on, active and collaborative education experience. Lucas has advised the federal and local governments on policies around innovation and technology and has founded a movement in Brazil to promote “code to learning”. His background is in computer engineering and he is a fellow of practice at the MIT Media Lab.