[Narrowing the Gap Session 2] Discussion on ESG/CSR participation to close the education gap (Parall

Discussion on ESG/CSR participation to close the education gap (Parallel Session)
  • Yoon Hoon-Seob

    D3 Jubilee CEO

    Yoon is currently a general partner of D3 Jubilee Partners.As a member to the NAB (National Advisory Board), Yoon served as a key manager of the D3 Impact and Social Investment fund and served as an advisor to the KOrea Edutech Industry Association.
  • Mun Hae-Sook

    Senior Vice President of Kookmin Bank

    Moon Hye Sook is currently the head of the ESG headquarters of KB Kookmin Bank after serving as the head of the ESG Strategy Department of the KB Financial Group. KB financial has recently carried out the “K-Bee” project to restore the honey bee ecosystem to preserve biodiversity and is active in KB Financial’s move in decarburization and carbon neutral. Accordingly, Moon is stepping ahead in expanding investment loans related to the renewable energy industry to create a society where companies, consumers, and the earth can co-exist, and is also interested in Solar City Yeongam solar power, Yangsan Wind power and solar power development projects. As the demand for ESG management begins to spread rapidly, small and medium-sized companies are increasingly requesting ESG management in their supply chain. In this regard, Moon believes that rather than putting restrictions and penalties, there should be incentive policies , such as investment tax deductions for eco-friendly businesses to support companies to naturally participate in ESG management. Currently, Moon is working in the internalization of ESG management within the KB Financial Group and is striving to spread a positive influence in companies and societies with ESG management.
  • Jung Seunghwan

    ESG Expert Journalist at Maekyung

    Jeong Seung-Hwan majored in business administration at Sogang University, received a master’s degree in international relations from UC San Diego, and is currently a reporter specializing in Maeil Business and ESG after working at Mirae Asset Securities’ Management Support Headquarters. He finished his visiting fellowship at the Korea-U.S Economic Research Institute (KEI) in Washington, and is working hard to convey information abou Korean merchants and business circles, which are becoming popular around the world.
  • Choung Young-il

    Head of the management research group at the Jipyeong ESG Center

    Choung Young-il, head of the group, joined the law firm (Yoo) Horizon in 2021 and is in charge of the ESG Center's management research group. The company is responsible for developing, applying, and researching specific ESG programs that contribute to sustainable development while minimizing the negative impact on the environment and society as much as possible. Based on various experiences in civic groups, listed companies, and accounting firms, Chung Young-il is striving for the sustainability of Korea as well as domestic companies.
  • Kim Taewan

    Director of ECA

    Kim Tae-wan is currently a director of the Asian Education Association. As the former head of the Korea Educational Development Institute, he led a team that researched and developed Korea's education policy. He served as a professor of education at Keimyung University and guided students with a Ph.D. in education policy. He taught human resource development subjects in the master's course for domestic and foreign students at the KDI Graduate School of International Policy, and published a number of books related to educational policy. He received a Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) and was a professor of research at Columbia University.