[Introduction of VIPs] Greetings from lawmakers and heads of local governments

HTHT University Consortium Steering Committee Appointment Ceremony
- Introduction to the distinguished guests of the university session (presidential level)
- a ceremony for appointing members of a university consortium
  • Cho Eun-Hee

    21st member of the National Assembly (Seocho-gu, Seoul)

    Cho Eun-Hee is the 21st member of the National Assembly (Seocho-gu, Seoul) and serves as the representative of the People Power Party. He worked as a reporter for the Yeongnam Ilbo and The Kyunghyan Shinmun, and served as a secretary for culture and tourism at the Blue House and as a secretary for event planning. While working as a female family policy officer in Seoul, she planned and promoted the “Women’s Happiness” project, and when she was the first female deputy mayor of Seoul, she communicated with the city council, the National Assembly, NGOs, and the media during a minority government situation and was praised for her bargaining power and conflict adjustment capability. She also served as the head of Seocho-gu during the 6th and 7th popular elections. The canopy of crosswalks, which can be seen anywhere in the country, is one of the most representative achievements of the head of the district office. In addition, various life policies such as mother and child health care centers, smart senior projects, runway-type crosswalks, and seoriopul centers were implemented. After attending the national assembly, she has been encouraging legislative activities for the socially disadvantaged and parliamentary activities that improve the lives of people, such as proposing a revision to the Solitude Prevention Act as Act No. 1.
  • Lee Jang Sik

    Deputy Mayor of Pohang

    Lee Jang-sik received a degree from Kyungpook National University's Graduate School of Public Administration after graduating from Daegu National University, and served as vice mayor of Gyeongsan City and director of the Gyeongsangbuk-do Autonomous Administration Bureau after entering public office. Currently, he is the deputy mayor of Pohang City, and he is doing his best to revive the local economy of Pohang, which is rapidly emerging as a new growth industrial city and tourist attraction in the future, and to improve the convenience of citizens.
  • Choi Wonyong

    Deputy Mayor of Pyeongtaek

    Choi Won-Young graduated from Chung-Ang University’s Department of Public Administration. He received his master’s degree at both Seoul National University (2002) and Syracuse University (2010). In addition, he served as the Pyeongtaek Development Support Team Director in 2007.
  • Sohee Shin

    CEO of Education Commission Asia (ECA)

    Sohee Shin is currently working as CEO of Education Commission Asia (ECA). She had worked at Hyundai Motor Company for more than 10 years in charge of global marketing before changing her career to education to contribute to enriching human life. She is interested in building a broad understanding of humans, and is particularly interested in incorporating differentiated learning processes of the MZ generation into education. She received a master's degree in Higher Education and Student Development from Wheaton College in the United States. At ECA, she worked as PM for the Uruguay HTHT Project and led the HTHT 2021 Conference.