[MasterClass] Individual match, Team match

Presentation of innovative class cases driving student growth
Individual Match | 9:00 - 10:40
Team Match | 10:55 - 12:20

Awards Ceremony | 12:20 - 12:30
  • Kim Hwang

    General Manager of Chunjae Education

    Kim Hwang currently serves as the head of future education strategy office for Chunjae Education. While working as an elementary educator for 22 years, Kim has worked in 7 schools and was dispatched to Gwangju Educational Information center while researching and working in fields related to School’s education informatization. Besides producing elementary school textbooks, Kim has worked on 5 books related to education informatization and developed a digital textbook class model, a collection of smart education class examples, textbook for SW education for teachers, and participated in the development of operational guidelines for Makerspace. As the Corona Pandemic worsened, Kim also participated in the development of On the Live, online class solutions and contributed in finding solutions to school problems through public LMS. Kim also contributed in starting two non-face to face EduTech Startups that connect physical computing with science, SW education, and data science education. After moving to a private firm, Kim was the head of the Future Education Strategy office for Chunjae Education and researched various ways to improve school classes through digital transformation.
  • Ko Kyu-Hwan

    General Manager of Ice-cream Media

  • Jeong Chan-Pil

    Secretary General of Future Class Network

  • Yoon Seonghye

    Director of LearningSpark

    Dr. Seonghye Yoon is CEO of LET’s Lab (Leading Educational Technologists’ Lab). She earned a bachelor's degree in science education and educational technology and a master's and PhD in educational technology from Ewha Womans University. She founded LET’s Lab after graduation to research educational technology and develop educational programs. She is the author of 『Insights into the Future Education』 and is a board member of the Korean Society for Educational Technology. She has developed a number of entrepreneurship education programs and is conducting various projects at the intersection of education and entrepreneurship.
  • Cho Gi-Seong

    Teacher at Gyesung Elementary School

  • Lee Haye-Jung

    Head of Educational Science Innovation Center

    Dr. Hye-Jung Lee amounted her expertise in education as the Director of e-Learning and a research professor of Center for Teaching and Learning at Seoul National University(SNU), and a specially appointed associate professor at Hokkaido University in Japan. After finishing her Ph.D. in Educational Technology at SNU, Lee visited 25 top research universities as a SNU delegation representative and interviewed senior-level administrators who are in charge of the quality of university education and technology-enhanced learning. After conducting collaborative research on learning differences between the East and the West at the University of Michigan, Lee found the Institute for Education and Innovation(IEI) in Korea. Recently as the Director of IEI, Lee has directed several research projects on reforming education with assessment for critical and creative competency upon request of Seoul, Jeju, Daegu, Chungnam Provincial Office of Education respectively. Lee is more widely known as the author of provocative books, [Who gets an A+ at Seoul National University?] and [Exams in Korea], both of which received prominent media spotlight. Other various papers, columns, keynotes, and invited speeches of Lee on the quality education system are disseminated globally.