[HTHT Forum 3] The Definition of EduTech in the educational field

The Definition of EduTech in the educational field
  • Jeong Hoon

    LearningSpark CEO

  • Kim Sangwoon

    General Manage at KERIS

  • Choi Jinyoung

    CEO of SM Institute

    For the past 20 years, Choi Jin-Young has worked at the intersection of education, technology, and entrepreneurship. He is the CEO of SM Institute and previously co-founded and served as CEO of Digital Daesung. He is currently a professor at Hanyang University and serves as auditor at Open Cyber University and Youngpa Academy. He is also a representative of Minerva Project in South Korea. In between SM Institute and Digital Daesung, he served as CEO of Jongro Sky Education, one of the largest education companies in Southh Korea. He holds a Bachelor of Education from Hanyang University, South Korea.
  • Cho Hoon

    Professor at Seojeong University

    Hoon Cho is the president of Academic Revolution Forum at Asia Education Commission, the Director of External Affairs and a professor at Seojeong University in South Korea. Prior to joining Seojeong University, he was the Managing Director of ChungDam Learning Ltd, nation’s No.1 English Academy and a Senior Research Fellow at Samsung Finance Research Institute. He was part of the International Finance team at Kook Min (KB) Bankincl for 10 years. He received his MBA at Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago and his BA in Yonsei University. Professor Cho has written numerous articles and books on career development including “다르게 배워야 다르게 성장한다 (translate: Learn Differently to Grow Differently)”. He also shares his expertise columnist at University News Network.
  • Jang EunKyoung

    Head Teacher at Garak High School

    Eun Kyoung Jang is a Master teacher working as a teacher educator and consultant in South Korea. She has taught middle and high school students since 1992 and taught college students at at Sungkyunkwan University & Hanyang University for 3 years. she is currently teaching students at Garak High school, Seoul. She was certified as a Master Trainer in the field of Core Skill based Curriculum Design and teacher training by the British Council. She is a member of Special Committee on Digital Education, an institution directly under the presidential office this year, and she also works as a specialist of revision of national curriculum. Her teaching and research focus is teacher professional development, blended learning lesson design, educative assessment, and differentiation and effective feedback using A.I..