[Teachers' summit] 'High Touch High Tech’ summit

'High Touch High Tech’ summit
  • Kang Jae Yeon

    Head teacher at Wolgok Middle School

    Jae Yeon-Kang is currently the head teacher at Wolgok Middle school. Working as an English teacher for more than twenty years, he has shown constant interest in smart education and personalized education using tools such as Google Classroom where the focus is the “student”. In Particular, he is actively developing and sharing blended class materials based on previous experiences with EduTech during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the present, as the head teacher in the English department, he is interested in foreign language education during the AI era and its future potential.
  • Peter Jaehyun Kim

    Vice Principal at Central Christian Academy

    A Technology and Home Economics teacher who majored in architecture, Kim Jae-Hyun taught students lively classes through a way of living and worked as a Google Public Trainer. Before the Corona Pandemic, Kim was seen as a pioneer in supplying Google Work Space, digital devices, and online classes which are important in deploying the necessary infrastructure needed for future schools. Kim was also in charge of consciousness improvement education for principals and vice-principal groups in 17 provincial education offices and was an educator for many educational offices and institutions nation-wide. Transcending the boundaries of South Korea, Kim focused on international development cooperation (ODA) and worked as an expert in ICT capacity building in East Africa and developed educational curricula as well as textbooks while training teachers in Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania. Currently, Kim is paving a new way for change as the Vice Principal at Central Christian Academy as an innovative school manager.
  • Jeong Sung-Yoon

    Principal at Daegu Joongang Middle School

    For 21 years Jung Sung-Yoon worked as an English teacher in middle schools and high schools. She is currently serving as a principal and IB coordinator at Daegu Joongang Middle School for three years. Since 2016, she has been striving to improve efficiency and practicality in the educational field by applying customized IT (Google) edutech tailored to the revised curriculum base, and lectures nationwide through various educational activities such as middle and high school textbooks, reference books, and entrance examination books. Since 2020, she has been working at Daegu Joongang Middle School and has been focusing on constructing and implementing the school curriculum as an IB (International Baccalaureate) MYP World School Coordinator, and is always working to improve the efficiency of cloud-based education and teacher evaluation expertise.
  • Lee Suchul

    Teacher at Shinil Girl’s High School

    Su Cheol Lee is an educator at Shinil Girls’ High School. Currently, Lee is the Vice Chairman of the Smart Education Society and the director of The Society of e-Learning. Lee also runs South Korea’s largest Facebook Forum “Future Education With Teachers”, consisting of 10,207 members. Lee was previously the Secretary General of the Smart Education Society, working with educators to promote smart education as well as working as the smart education leading educator at the Ministry of Education and leading educator of digital education. Lee has also gone through the Ministry of Educations high tech educational advisory and the Korea Education and Research Information Service. He has given a speech during the UN Gyeongju Sustainable Development Conference and used his experience to publish several papers on teaching and learning methods using smart education. Through EDUCLOUD, Lee published English, Japanese, and Korean education columns and has spent ten years exchanging with students through international exchange activities on how humans should live their lives in Japan, China, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Thailand while publishing a book called ‘Great Thinking’. Furthermore, Lee also worked in the Foreign Studies in Tokyo, Japan as a researcher in educators, worked as an adjunct professor at Pai Chai University as well as receiving a doctoral degree in comparative literature at Hannam University.
  • Park Juhyeon

    Teacher at Namak Middle School

    Park Joo-Hyun teaches technical subjects at Namak Middle School in Muan, Jeollanam-do. Currently, he is working as the chairman of the Jeonnam Regional Head of the Future Class Network and the Jeonnam Technology Curriculum Education Research Association. For the past two years, he has worked as a blended class support group member at the Jeonnam Teaching and Learning Support Center, conducting blended lectures at the Future Class Network and Onsaengibi, the Korea Creative Science Foundation. In the present, he is working as a support group for Jeonnam Meta School. He also wrote as a co-author of “Minju, Let’s Be Citizens” on democratic citizens and digital literacy. He is now studying the educational role of AI at the Graduate School of AI Convergence Education.
  • Park Han Beum

    Teacher at Shinchang Middle School

    Park Han-Beom is currently working at Sinchang Middle School, an institution under the Asan Office of Education of the Chungcheongnam-do Office of Education. Since 2016, he has been working as a weekly duty in Chungcheongnam-do Province in the Future Class Network, and is working as a lecturer specializing in student participation-orientated and integrating curriculum-class-evaluation-record at the Chungcheongnam-do Education and Training institute aiming to improve teachers’ expertise. Starting with the reverse class, he actively participated as a nationwide teacher and developed a collection of materials for middle school science and integrated science classes. He argues that the role of schools and teachers in the upcoming future society should not just be to handle high-tech equipment well and explain it coherently, but to allow students to develop their essential abilities based on classroom resources. When explaining himself, he states that he is not a teacher who teaches science, but a teacher who learns science with students.